About Me

I thought I’d do a little bio about me, so you’d know a little bit about who you’re reading about.

My name’s Hanna and I’m 19 years old. I’m a freshmen in college, and attend a small liberal arts school. I was a Biology major, but have become undeclared. I’m still not sure what I want to do. I study hard and keep my grades up. I’m studying Japanese as a language and intend to minor in it.

I am a major pet lover. I have many little critters at my house besides my little betta fish. The first pet I got was in 2007. We got a little girl puppy and we named her Marche’ (<– that’s an accent mark for the e. pronounced mar-shay). She is a Coton de Tulear, a rare breed from Madagascar. She’ll be 8 January 25, 2015. This picture is her from the back, but her back is super cute!


The next pets we got were dwarf hamsters. We got two girls that turned out to not be two girls. December 16th we had two hammies and 4 babies. There were 3 girls and one boy baby. Once they were old enough, the pet store that sold us the parents had their vet sex them for free (because they f’d up). We gave one girl away to my sisters best friend and the rest we kept. Here’s a picture of the mom, Sweetie. All hammies passed away by January this year.


Our next pets were guinea pigs! We got a four month old pig first. His name is Pudding and he just turned 3 years old Nov. 28, 2014. He is a texel guinea pig. He is more true to his breed in his body type. He is short and compact, whereas most guinea pigs are long and thin. He is a real sweetie and love giving kisses and begging for treats.

pudding1 pudding2

The next piggy we got was only 5 weeks old! He was so tiny! We obviously named him Pie. The cutest thing ever was when we had introduced the two, Pudding took to him. He didn’t mind sharing his house and was eating food. Pie, just weaned off milk, went up to Pudding and tried to feed off him! Poor Pudding kept bucking his back feet up in an attempt to get him off. Pie just kept trying. Finally Puddy gave him a little nip and Pie never tried again. Pie just wanted milk, but that darn Puddin was a boy pig! Here’s PiePie. The bottom picture shows a size comparison between a 6 month and a 1 month pig. Pie’s our little scardy cat. He hides at any sound and runs away when you try to pick him up. Once you have him though, he loves cuddling up by your neck. He has a higher pitched voice than Pudding and his wheeks are very cute! Pie is also a texel.

pie1 pie2

Our last pig was bought later the same year we bought Pie. On Dec 2. His name was Tibbles. He passes away at 2 years old on August 23, 2014. He died extremely expectantly. He literally died overnight after a bout of diarrhea. The vet thinks something happened to his GI track. He was our funniest little guy. He was only a month younger than Pie. He was the loudest wheekiest little pig ever! Any little thing would set him off! He was precious and I miss him everyday. He was a Peruvian.

tibbles1 tibbles2

Now one would think that’s enough, but I’ve barely even started! Next up, I got a rather peculiar pet. Not sure how it started but I ended up watching a lot of Youtube videos with hedgehogs in them. Eventually I couldn’t stand not having a hedgie! Turns out a pet store near my house is one of the only ones in the state that sells hedgehogs! We got our first little guy from there. His name is Pikachu, but I mostly call him Chu or Chuchi. He is an African Pygmy hedgehog which is the domesticated breed you can purchase.

chu2 chu

Next up is hedgie number 2. I had to get another one of these cuties. This time we found a breeder in our area. I wanted a dark colored hedgie this time and she had a new litter. We got a one month baby. The pictures below are of the day we got him, so he is very little. That way you can see how small they can be! I named him Puppy, because he seemed like a Puppy to me. He is much larger now! He has a fat, soft tummy.

puppy2 puppy

We aren’t done yet! We got our latest furry edition about a week before Tibby died. I had suggested that a hammy might be fun to have. Parents were hesitant because we already have a ton of little guys. I decided to pursue it anyway and visited pet stores around the area. At each store I held the hammies they had. My mom say a picture of a long haired hamster online and didn’t even realize it was a hammie. I told her what it was and she was shocked to learn that they come in a long haired breed. I was at a store, kinda out of the way, and saw they had long haired Syrian hamsters. They were really cute, so I called my mom to tell her. Turned out she was coming to the same shopping complex to go to a different store. So she came in and we held the two hamsters. One of them was incredible. He didn’t jump, bite, or even fuss. I held him a solid 5 minutes and he just chilled. We knew we had to get him. I’ve never seen another hamster like him before. He is so chill. He isn’t scared of anything; our dog, loud noises, anything.  His name is Gizmo.

gizmo gizmo2

 Lastly I have my fish and snail. The snail right now is Snaila and the betta fish is Thalia. That’s all the pets right now!

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